Thursday, January 17, 2008

A new hope

...for a way to stay engaged in class. I mean seriously. I've got like one class between me and graduation, after five and a half long, expensive years. Just taking notes helps me remember things, even if I never look at them again. And I do look at them again, because I write a lot more than just 'notes' in my notes. But I was thinking, "Some people take notes with a pen and paper; some take notes typing on the computer. Is there any reason not to type my notes straight into a blog?" Of course there isn't. And, hey, now I can access them from anywhere with Internet access.

But I haven't taken any notes so far, because there was apparently a paper I didn't read, that is now being discussed, the discussion being led by someone I'm going to assume is a TA. I only just learned which person is the professor; I had look his website up to find a picture of him. I guess on Tuesday those were all guest lecturers. Who goes out of town on the second week of classes? (I suppose I'm one to talk, having missed the whole first week.)

Maybe not a TA. Are we, as students, going to have to present papers? Because now Marcus is up there. How much could I have missed during those six first hours of class? Now that I know who the professor is, I should definitely ask him about all that. And double czech on my loan, because I'd really like to register for this class sometime soon.

I wish I knew what the class website was, so I could've read these papers; they sound really interesting.

Oh, man, it looks like I missed an online discussion or something, too. If I didn't need this class to graduate this quarter, I would be out of here.

Interesting things to think of doing: write some code to automatically count words as I write them.

Though algorithmically selecting the best algorithm seems like it could be useful, the algorithm he described would not work well. The guy next to me, I mean, not Marcus.

I really hope he doesn't call on me. I doubt he will, because he doesn't know my name.