Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So, yeah, I dropped that class.

But I still have the odd incomplete class to finish up by way of writing papers. So I decided to take my notes straight onto an Internet, in the hopes that a) I could then access them anywhere; b) I could copy and paste a bunch of it into the paper proper; and c) It would, you know, make me (and make me feel) more productive.

So then, on Basho:

p 10. Basho suggests that the spirit properly is like the natural world, with a natural ebb and flow, high points and low points, constantly changing. I wonder: Times of unhappiness are then not necessary for happiness, but rather just strictly necessary. Also: happiness is not a goal, merely part of the environment?

h1: "In my new robe / this morning - / someone else." Makes me think of happiness, but why?

h9: "Wearing straw cloaks, / with spring / saints greet each other." vs.
h30: "Behind the virgins' / quarters, / one blossoming plum." Divers routes to happiness? The spiritual vs. the natural, or the ascetic vs. the sensual? Both are valid, but are either valid without the other?

h17: "Sparrows in eaves, / mice in ceiling - / celestial music." Happiness in the familiarity of home, even in situations considered unideal (mice in ceiling).

h28. "Another haiku? / Yet more cherry blossoms - / not my face." Unclear whether sarcastic or laudatory.

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