Thursday, April 17, 2008

Game construction 04-17

The professor just totally said, "Oh, I just had lunch with the founder of Bungie, he might come in and talk sometime." I mean, he did graduate from here. But still.

And now he's pimping Audacity (again) and Sketch-Up.

Naaaaame drop central.

What did I have for lunch? Gyros.

(For the record, I took paper notes on Tuesday -out of battery- and missed class last Thursday. Whoops.)

For maps: consider using heightmaps.

I'm kind of worried that most of my group seems to be missing today.

The track format are the "bones, not the skin": we can render the view how we like.

Convention: xz plane is ground: x is to the right, z is backwards, y is up

Higher level AI makes decisions; lower level AI interprets those decisions as movements.

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